About me

Konstantinos Vasilakos has recently completed his PhD in Music  in Keele University (UK) where he undertook an evaluation in digital interfaces for music composition and improvisation. This was fully funded by the Research Institute for the Humanities of the same university. His research focusses in live computer music and interactive composition. Since 2012 he is a member of the Birmingham Ensemble for Electroacoustic Research, better known as BEER. The ensemble researches live coding and networked music performance. In 2015 he initiated a collaboration with the art@CMS project at CERN in Switzerland involving the sonification of data streams from the Large Hadron Collider, the world’s largest and most complex particle accelerator. Selected fixed media were presented in SoundThought, Glasgow (UK), Salford Sonic Fusion Festival (UK) while he has performed in various academic events and festivals throughout UK and beyond, notably, Network Music Festival, Birmingham (UK), Live Interfaces, Leeds (UK), Live Code Festival Karlsruhe (Germany), Akou Festival, Corfu (Greece), Brno (Czech Republic), ACROE: Art-Science-Technology annual event in Grenoble (France) and the Annual Vernissage of art@CMS, at CERN (Switzerland). At the moment he is leading a module entitled ‘Interactive Sound’ at the Akmi Metropolitan College where he teaches a wide range of topics about music technology and interactive composition.

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