Unforeseen sounds, sometimes trying to find why a software behaves in a weird and unintentional way might be very frustrating, whereas, some other times it might bring some very interesting and unexpected sounds. Either way, most of the times these sounds don’t survive, as they come from an ongoing trial & error process. I created this list in order to stash some of these nice occurrences. More to come…

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some constructive criticism

Here you can find an article concerning our gig with the Agony art in London. Agony’s gig 

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Talk and demo at the Conservatoire of Birmingham

Talk and demo at the “Conservatoire of Birmingham” on performative approaches in laptop improvisation. An insight of my outcomes using live coded obscures in conjunction with dramaturgic gestural performance (external controllers).   Image

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Agony Art

We are happy to announce our upcoming gig hosted by Agony Art, an art collective based in London. Live codes in conjunction with improvised dance acts will fill the space of Agony’s club on the 22th of March. (P. B. and the codettes are Shelly Knotts & Konstantinos Vasilakos). 

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